👋 I'm Kane.
I'm a motion designer currently based in London. I grew up in Yorkshire and have been mega fortunate to have also lived and worked in Denver, Dublin and Portland.
I found my passion for design and animation by doing bits and bobs with video editing, and fell in love with making stuff move. I've since been really luck to have worked with fantastic people, and great brands like Zoom, SurveyMonkey, and Zapier.
I love motion design. I properly love it. If I'm on my phone, I'm spending most of my time looking at animated pieces by other motion designers. It's my passion, and I feel lucky to have found it.
When I'm not working I love to surf and skate badly with the hope of getting good one day. I'm still waiting for that day to come though.
Feel free to say hey sup at hey@kane-stanley.com

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